Lp Dan Lissvik - Archive 1 (Writer/Producer/Mix/Master)
Lp Young Galaxy - Down Time (co-Producer/co-Mix)
Lp Taken By Trees - Yellow To Blue (co-Producer/co-Mix)
Lp Dan Lissvik - Midnight (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Young Galaxy - Falsework (co-Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Atelje - Meditation (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Ceo - Wonderland (co-Producer/co-Mix)
Lp Young Galaxy - Ultramarine (co-Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp The Mary Onettes - Hit The Waves (Producer/co-Mix)
Lp Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting (co-Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp The Crêpes - What Else? (co-Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Taken By Trees - East of Eden (Producer/Mix)
Lp Dan Lissvik - 7 Trx + intermission (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Ikons - Ikons (co-Producer/Mix)
Lp Parlour - Frak session (Master)
Lp Lake Heartbeat - Trust in Numbers (Producer/Mix)
Lp Studio - Yearbook 2 (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Studio - Yearbook 1 (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Studio - West Coast (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Lp Alé - Untitled Lp (Drums/co-Writer)

Ep Atelje - 50/50 Ep (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Ep Average - Average Ep (Pre-Master)
Ep Anton Klint - Tba (co-Producer/Mix)
Ep Anton Klint - Spritzer Ep (co-Producer/Mix)
Ep Parlour - Parlour No3 (Master)
Ep The Mary Onettes - Love Forever (Producer/Mix)
Ep Hanna - Lioness (Writer/Producer/Mix)
Ep Parlour - Parlour No2 (Master)

12" Dan Lissvik - 833/520 (Writer/Producer/Mix)
12" Anton Klint - Drunch (co-Producer/Mix)
12" Dan Lissvik - Shuvit! (Writer/Producer/Mix)
12" Most Valuable Players - Some Nerve (co-Producer/Mix)
12" Embassy - You Tend To Forget (Producer/Mix)
12" Embassy - State 08 (co-Writer/Producer/Mix)
12" Studio - No Comply (Writer/Producer/Mix)

7" Dan Lissvik - Backside (Writer/Producer/Mix)
7" Anton Klint - Folk Disk 001 (co-Producer/Mix)
7" Parlour - Parlour No1 (Mix/Master)
7" Studio - West Side (Writer/Producer/Mix)
7" Studio - Down Here Like You (Writer/Producer/co-Mix)
7" Studio - The Jungle (co-Writer/Producer/co-Mix)
7" Studio - The End of Fame (Writer/Producer/co-Mix)



Henric Claes - Good Morning (Lissvik Remix)
Gundelach - Garden (Lissvik Remix)
World Champion - Avocado Galaxy (Lissvik Remix)
Jonas Lundqvist - Den Som Ser Havet (Lissvik Remix)
Chris Olsson - Thin Love (Lissvik Edit)
Sakarias - Bellagio (Lissvik Remix)
Tove Styrke - Borderline (Lissvik Remix)
Nottee - Fire (Lissvik Remix)
Sister - The War Is Over (Lissvik Remix)
Invsn - Down The Shadows (Lissvik Remix)
Brian Reitzell - Last Summer (Lissvik Remix)
Lawrence Rothman - Montauk Fling (Lissvik Remix)
Haerts - All The Days (Lissvik Remix)
The 1975 - Settle Down (Lissvik Remix)
Young Galaxy - Privileged Poor (Lissvik Remix)
Fiction - Be Clear (Lissvik Remix)
Polly Scattergood - Subsequently Lost (Lissvik Remix)
NoNoNo - Like The Wind (Lissvik Remix)
Shout Out Louds - Walking In Your Footsteps (Lissvik Remix)
Say Lou Lou - Julian (Lissvik Remix)
Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (Lissvik Remix)
Haim - Send Me Down (Lissvik Remix)
Sally Shapiro - If It Doesn't Rain (Lissvik Remix)
Dimitrios K - Forward Forward (Lissvik Remix)
Chad Valley - Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)
Haim - Forever (Lissvik Remix)
Architecture in Helsinki - Desert Island (Lissvik Remix)
Samling - Stackars Lilla Varsting (Lissvik Remix)
Foster The People - Helena Beat (Lissvik Remix)
Andreas Mattsson - Parklands (Lissvik Remix)
Serenades - Birds (Lissvik Remix)
Mungolian Jetset - We Are The Shining (Lissvik Remix)
Det Vackra Livet - Viljan (Lissvik Remix)
Foals - Miami (Lissvik Remix)
Architeq - Odyssey (Lissvik Remix)
Ceo - Illuminata (Lissvik Remix)
Cocknbullkid - Hold On To Your Misery (Lissvik Remix)
Tiedye - Fisherman's Bend (Lissvik Remix)
Korallreven - Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)
James Yuill -First in Line (Lissvik Remix)
Joe Worricker - Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix)
This Is Head - 0002 (Lissvik Remix)
Mock & Toof - Shoeshine Boogie (Lissvik Remix)
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Lissvik Remix)
Steve Mason - Just A Man (Studio Remix)
Bear in Heaven - You Do You (Studio Remix)
Arp - Pastoral Symphony (Studio Remix)
Windsurf - Bird of Paradise (Studio Remix)
Fontän - Early Morning (Studio Remix)
The Little Ones - Morning Tide (Studio Remix)
Williams - Love On A Real Train (Studio Remix)
Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts (Studio Remix)
Brennan Green - Escape From Chinatown (Studio Remix)
Love is All - Turn The Radio Off (Studio Remix)
Rubies - A Room Without A Key (Studio Remix)
Shout Out Louds - Possible (Studio Remix)
A Mountain of One - Brown Piano (Studio Remix)